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Tuesday 11th July - Katherine to Kununurra

sunny 33 °C

Tuesday 11th July - Katherine to Kununurra

With a fairly big day of 530kms ahead of us to Kununurra, we packed up early and were on the road by 8:00am. Heading west to the Victoria River region and Timber Creek.
We passed the turn off to the Buntine Hwy where there's a monument to Noel Buntine, a boss drover and road train pioneer from the old days. This area is Wave Hill country. Have a listen to the Paul Kelly song "From little things, big things grow". It tells the story of Vincent Lingiari AM, an Aboriginal stockman who worked at Wave Hill Stn. and led a "walk off" by the aboriginal stockmen about pay and conditions. See link https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_Lingiari.


It was beautiful riding conditions with only a few caravans and road trains on the road. And with the temp at only 22deg until we got to about Victoria River Roadhouse where I stopped for a coffee and a bite to eat. There is some spectacular scenery throughout this area with majestic escarpments bordering the Hwy. The Victoria River region is home to Victoria River Downs cattle station, once the largest pastoral holding in the world at 41,000 sq.kms. Once owned by Sir Sidney Kidman, it is now in the hands of Robert Holmes Accourt.
Then on to Timber Creek for a refuel and a drink. The temp had risen to the usual 33deg now. We were also noticing a different kind of vegetation with Boab Trees (or bottle trees) becoming numerous. The larger ones are a majestic tree with differing shapes and sizes.
We then completed the last 226 kms into WA and Kununurra. Put our watches back by another 90mins, so now we are 2hrs behind the Eastern states. We had booked a site at the Ivanhoe Caravan Resort, checked in and set up camp for our 4 day stay. Picked up some groceries from Coles and some grog from the bottle'O. I cooked a curry for dinner. Went down pretty well too.


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Monday 10th July -Around Katherine

sunny 33 °C

Monday 10th July - Katherine.

Rest day in Katherine today. I planned to do some repairs to bike and trailer. Andrew had his cruise on the Katherine Gorge (Nitmaluk). Andrew headed out about 9:30am, and I went into town to buy some tail light bulbs and something to top up my radiator fluid. Those jobs done, I then made a seat cover out of an old towel for my well worn AirHawk.
Andrew returned from his cruise, I relaxed most of the afternoon.
At dark time, we headed down to the Katherine Country Club again for dinner. A few beers, a feed, a bit of cricket on Fox and we headed back to our digs.
Some blogging and an early night.
Tomorrow, we will tick off another Australian State as we head into Western Australia to Kununurra.


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Sunday 9th July - Daly River to Katherine

sunny 33 °C

Sunday 9th July - Daly River to Katherine

Up early before the sun to pack up. There was a bit of fog around the area making it quite humid. So in a cloud of mosquitoes and a lather of sweat, we packed up and left Daly River and all it's fish behind.
Out to the Stuart Hwy and a refuel at Hayes Creek. Seemed a bit cooler today at only 29 deg. Then on through Pine Creek, and then to Katherine.
We had now reached the halfway mark (distance) of our trip. 10,500kms
We found it hard to find accommodation as all the van parks were full. After trying several, we finally got a cabin in The Boab caravan park for 2 nts at $145/nt. Not cheap in peak tourist season. Andrew walked into town and booked a cruise on the Katherine Gorge for tomorrow, while I settled into the air conditioned cabin. This is luxury. 20 deg and no biting buzzing Mozzie's.
We wandered the 1 km down to the Katherine Country Club for a beer and a feed. Good feed of steak and cold beers.
Back to the cabin, we had an early night.


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Saturday 8th July - Daly River.

sunny 33 °C

Saturday 8th July - Daly River

My main aim for coming to the Daly River was to go fishing. After checking out the area on Friday, I realised it would be difficult to fish from the bank.
So I got up before the sun and walked down to the river with trusty fishing rod in hand. Cast several different lures for about two hrs but the fish weren't interested. Donated one $15 lure to the bushes as well. I learned that I'm not as patient as when I was younger. I would have stood casting lures until midday back then.
Back in camp, the boys were up and about. We had a pretty relaxed day around camp. Then into town for pizza at The Daly River Inn.
Back at camp, we joined some fellow travellers around their campfire for a yarn. Then into bed.


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Friday 7th July - Litchfield to Daly River

sunny 33 °C

Friday 7th July - Litchfield to Daly River.

With only a 160km trip to Daly River today, we slept in until 8:00am. Brekky, pack up, then into Batchelor for fuel. Yesterday, I had spotted a museum in town so we decided to give it a look. With some great history on the aboriginal peoples of the area, through the white settlement, WWII history and then the Uranium mining era, that put it on the map. It was a great little display.
Left Batchelor at mid-day, through Adelaide River for the 3rd time and a right turn west through the Douglas Daly Tourist Drive. The road was very interesting with lots of twisties and sweepers, but a very bumpy surface. Then turned west on the Daly River road and the road improved out of sight. Up to 115kph and reached Daly River by 2:00pm. The last seven kms to The Daly River Mango Farm (a van and camping park) was dirt road but in fairly good repair. As we arrived, we were greeted by Margaret, the owner, and checked in. As there were only 3 other parties staying at the park, we were given free choice for our camping spot. No concrete slab or roof, but a great shaded spot with power and water. And no one else to bother us. Peace is bliss!
With camp set up and a couple of beers downed, we went into town for a beer and a feed at the local tavern. Checked out the old crossing for some potential fishing tomorrow. At The Daly River Inn, we sat and had a few beers with an elder of the local aboriginal mob. Case was a great guy to talk to with a very interesting past. One of the stolen generation. Served Australia in the armed forces for 15 yrs and later became a member of the Territory Community Police Force. He did all the talking!
Back in camp, we had an easy meal of whatever we carried in our kit. Tinned beef, baked beans, and tinned sausages and spaghetti were on the menu. The mozzies and sandflies were driving me insane, so I sit here in the cool of the camp kitchen, (fully flyscreened) and catch up on my blog.
It'll be an early night.


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